Keep your girls happy with Feathers & Beaky

We thought the new range of hen keeping equipment from Feathers & Beaky looked great, so now we stock them in the British Hen Welfare Trust Shop.

When the founders of Feathers & Beaky first adopted some battery hens they immediately fell in love with their inquisitive and friendly nature. It was their ex-battery chickens that inspired them to develop their successful Feathers & Beaky range.

Their ex-battery girls became willing testers for all their new concepts and ideas, lucky for Feathers & Beaky they duly approved! 

Feathers & Beaky products are very well made and durable, the range includes the Chicken Feeder, with special design to prevent it falling over, the Chicken Drinker, with unique top fill and the Vegetable Treat Holder guaranteed to keep your girls entertained for hours.

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