Practical Poultry Magazine *Special Offer*

I am delighted to announce that you can now subscribe to Practical Poultry Magazine through our online shop, at the fantastic introductory offer of 5 copies for just £5! *This is a limited offer for the first 200 subscribers only.

Our friends at Practical Poultry are kindly donating the full £5 from each sale to the charity, which will help to raise a whopping £1000 and go directly towards helping more of our lovely girls!

Practical Poultry is a colourful, attractively designed magazine published 13 times each year.  It is written and produced by a team of poultry experts and professional journalists, dedicated to providing a high quality, informative publication. This specialist title caters for enthusiasts at all levels - from beginners with a few chickens in the garden, to established breeders working on small-scale commercial production. Practical Poultry magazine covers a vast array of topics, ranging from incubation to housing, feeds to breeds, and shows to husbandry issues. Every month it’s packed with straightforward, down-to-earth content explaining all the chicken essentials.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer, subscribe to the Practical Poultry Magazine today!

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