Introducing the Chicken Swing...

Introducing the Chicken Swing...

So you think it’s just kids that like swings eh?  Wrong - hens love them too!!

We have tried and tested this innovative design and once hens get into the ‘swing’ of things, this is a must have for every spoilt hen home.

Our top tips for helping your hens to have some playground fun:

  1. Place The Chicken Swing™ free of obstructions as it swings above the heads of the hens in your coop, roughly about knee-height to prevent the swing from spooking or hitting the other hens. 
  2. If you have a trusting hen, place her up on the swing and immediately reward her with a treat, perhaps a few meal worms. Once she is used to being on the swing, gently give it a push and give her a treat each time it swings towards you. Soon she will jump on the swing when she hears the bag shake, and the rest of your girls will follow suit! 
  3. Introduce the swing soon after bringing them home from one of our Hen Collections – it will become an addictive part of their free range retirement!

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