Ready, eggy… GO!

Why should you be the only one going to the gym?  Why not encourage your girls to get fit by setting them the challenge of the Chicken Gym?

Following the huge success of the Chicken Swing, by Omlet, we are delighted to be able to offer the keener sporty hens out there the chance to work out both bodies and brains with the Feathers & Beaky Chicken Gym.  Use tasty treats to encourage your hens around the course … fun for feathers and family alike!

Chicken Gym Tunnel & Slalom

Use their favourite treats to entice them through the tunnel and weave around the poles.

Each ‘Tunnel & Slalom’ pack contains:
  1 x adjustable height 1.3m long tunnel
  5 x 45cm weave poles
  Easy assembly - full instructions included

Chicken Gym Hoop & Hurdle

Guide your hens through the hoop and over the hurdle, increasing the height as they improve.

Each ‘Hoop & Hurdle’ kit contains:  
  1 x adjustable height hoop and stand
  1 x adjustable height hurdle and stand
  Easy assembly - full instructions included

Print a Chicken Gym Score Sheet and record your chickens’ progress; and with a little bit of practice this summer your hens will soon be Olympic chicken champions!

Both the Feathers & Beaky Chicken Gym Tunnel & Slalom and Chicken Gym Hoop & Hurdle are now available to buy from our online shop.


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