Help your girls' digestion with hen grit

Posted by Francesca Taffs

Have you heard the expression 'as rare as hens' teeth'? We have too, and because your girls don't have any teeth, they need a bit of a helping hand when it comes to digestion.

Hen grit is a vital part of your hens' diet and comes in two forms - soluble and insoluble. You can read more below and also see which products we advise to ensure they get enough of both.

Ideally your hens should be fed a mix of insoluble and soluble grit. 

Fine or soluble grit dissolves in the hens’ digestive system. It is mostly calcium-based and is essential for egg shell formation.

Insoluble grit is comprised of things like small pea-sized gravel chips or small stones which do not dissolve, nor do they provide calcium, but they do provide a mechanical aid to break down food.

The good news for your hens is that they won’t need a routine visit to the dentist, nor will they need a set of choppers as they age, but it is important to give them the right grit to enable them to break down their food.

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