Avian Flu protection from Smite Agrisec 250 Plus

Posted by Rebecca Pearce

A blog from our Head of Operations, Gaynor.

I know I am not the only hen keeper that has been struggling to cope with keeping my hens clean during the enforced Avian Influenza lock down. I was therefore delighted to be offered the opportunity to trial a different ground and bedding sanitizer to my usual brand.

As soon as I opened the tub I was impressed by the lovely clean fresh lemony smell. Agrisec 250 Plus (not the sexiest name I know) is a powder that can be scattered on bedding or areas of high hen traffic (outside pop holes, around feeders etc).

I don’t like putting chemicals down where my girls are walking so I was pleased to see that this product contains natural ingredients including Yucca and essential oils with anti-bacterial properties. The product absorbs liquid faeces and forms clumps which makes it easier to pick up faeces without losing half your bedding material each time. As a bonus it also has insect repellent properties.

We will soon be coming to an end of the restrictions in some areas but DEFRA have made it clear that we should all make efforts to sanitize range areas before letting hens outside. Wet and muddy areas should be dried out where possible and this is where Agrisec 250 Plus can help.  For general range disinfectant DEFRA are suggesting washing down paths or hard standing and treating ground areas with an approved viruscidal product like Virkon S, which is now available in our shop.

If you are unfortunately in an area of higher risk and have to keep your hens restricted, Agrisec 250 Plus will help to keep your coop fresh and your hens happier.