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Omlet Chicken Swing

Omlet Chicken Swing

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Why not really treat your hens with our Chicken Swing, this isn’t just a perch it is an actual activity! We have tried and tested this innovative design and once hens get into the ‘swing’ of it, this is a must have for every hen home.  

Do hens actually make it Swing?

The patented design allows your hens to actually pump the swing! The mailbox shape of the perch, means that hens find the swing comfortable and with the way the swing is gripped this action transfers to the tongs to tug on the rope, keeping the swing in motion for a big swing!

The raised corn-like surface makes it easy for hens to grip with their feet, ensuring they feel stable during play time. The Chicken Swing is ideal for ex bats. Simply attach The Chicken Swing so it hangs close to the ground, and as your chickens get used to climbing on, increase the height. Eventually, you will want it hanging high enough so as not to be an obstacle to any hens on the ground.

Product Dimensions:   Package size : 17.75" X  7.8" X 2 " 

Perch : 16.25" Length

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