Nature's Grub Mega Pecker

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Keep your hens happy with this delicious and nutritious pecking treat from Nature's Grub. Available in two scrummy flavours!  Net weight - 1.2kg Treat fed as sold - can be hung using the knotted rope included Garlic, Herbs & Seaweed Treat CompositionWheat, Maize, Grit, Garlic, Oregano, Seaweed, Mint, BinderAnalytical ConstituentsCrude Protein 11%Crude Fats & Oils 6%Crude Fibres 4%Crude Ash 2%Lysine 0.5%Methionine 0.2% Fruit & Berries TreatCompositionWheat, Maize, Grit, Dried Fruit, BinderAnalytical...

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