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George's Chicken Remedies

George's Chicken Remedies Mites Away

George's Chicken Remedies Mites Away

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Chicken Lavender Leg Mite Ointment – 250ml

Lavender infused ointment to keep leg mites at bay. This simple barrier cream will instantly soothe and calm affected areas, suffocating mites on infested birds.

Mites Away is based on an old recipe that is really handy for keeping scaly leg mites at bay. It’s a simple, natural, effective ointment – and makes the whole place smell great too!

In an upwards motion, liberally apply onto your hens' legs and feet, carefully applying into and under the raised scales. Repeat every 5-6 days, over 2-3 weeks to break the life cycle of the mites. This treatment will suffocate any residing leg mites, and help soften and restore affected areas whilst giving your hens a lovely aroma!

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