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Feathers & Beaky

Feathers & Beaky Superfood Probiotic Treat

Feathers & Beaky Superfood Probiotic Treat

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At the BHWT it won’t surprise you to know that we love half dozens and dozens. A suggested donation of £6 will save the life of one hen and of course £12 will save a little flock of two. It’s entirely your choice, and we’re grateful for your custom, thank you.
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Feathers & Beaky Superfood Probiotic Treat is a little pouch of goodness containing 100% natural health boosting ingredients that your chickens will love. The tasty herbal pellets are packed full of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers to help improve the overall health & appearance of your flock – it’s delicious too, so your hens will love you come treat time!
• Garlic contains natural health boosting properties which help improve gut health & respiratory function.
• Echinacea naturally boosts the immune system and improves disease resistance.
• Nettle improves the function of the pancreas, liver and stomach, whilst enhancing yolk colour and increasing shell strength.
• Flax Seed Meal contains Omega 3 & 6, which are essential oils to improve feather condition.
• Oregano naturally boosts the immune system and is a natural antibiotic.
Botanical herbs and flowers have been used for many years to naturally treat ailments, and this mixture has been selected especially to boost the immune system and improve disease resistance amongst your flock.

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