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Smallholder Range

Smallholder Range Chicken Feed Pic 'n' Mix 2 x 5kg Bags

Smallholder Range Chicken Feed Pic 'n' Mix 2 x 5kg Bags

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Postage & Packaging included in the price!

Our Smallholder Range Chicken Feed Pic 'n’ Mix special offer gives you two 5kg bags of feed for only £20.99, that's less than £10.50 per bag including postage straight to your door. 

Simply select what you require from the Smallholder Range of Crumble, Pellets and Mixed Corn. It is designed to give your hen's choice, so they can enjoy all their favourite feeds. So give your hens a little bit of what they fancy with the Smallholder Range Chicken Feed Pic 'n’ Mix bundle!

Smallholder Range Crumble - perfect for your newly-adopted hens.  The meal resembles most closely what your hens will have been fed during their working lives, and gives them a smooth switch, with all the nutrients they need to start their free range retirement.  Smallholder Range Crumble is a feed for life, but some people prefer to transfer to pellets. 

Smallholder Range Layers Pellets - ideal for once your hens are settled. It is a high-quality, nutritious complete feed for your flock and the short pellets are readily accepted by all birds. The feed is easy to use and wastage through scattering is minimal.

Smallholder Range Mixed Corn - an excellent afternoon treat for your hens, the high-quality corn mix will also help to see your birds through the night as the feed slowly breaks down in their crop.  However, remember to feed Smallholder Range Crumble and/or Smallholder Range Pellets as their main diet as hens cannot live on treats alone.

All feeds in the Smallholder Range are approved by the Vegetarian Society. We only select the highest quality oils and our products are formulated without genetically modified ingredients.

DELIVERY - the delivery charge to England, Wales and some of Scotland is included in the price quoted.  For other parts of Scotland, postage charges occur - we will advise you of these after you have placed your order to check if you'd like to proceed.

We dispatch Monday - Friday and aim to have delivery within 4-7 working days.

To find a Small Holder Range stockist in your area click here.

*Images are for illustration purpose only - Please indicate in the 'Order special instructions' in the cart page the combination of feed you would like.

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