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Little Feed Co

The Little Feed Co Peck-A-Brix Bundle

The Little Feed Co Peck-A-Brix Bundle

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Peck A Brix - Pecking block for chickens with alfalfa and grain

British alfalfa with mixed grains and grit. Adds healthy greens to the diet when grazing is limited and reduces boredom of cooped-up hens.

What is it?

Peck A Brix is our delicious alfalfa and grain pecking block for chickens.  Feed on the ground, in a bowl or from a mini haynet.

What is it for?

Peck A Brix is the perfect treat for hens.

Ideal for chickens with limited grass or grazing, such as during an avian flu housing order.  Helps to keep your hens entertained and provides healthy greens, proteins and antioxidants. Can help to reduce boredom, bullying and feather pecking amongst your flock and encourages natural foraging behaviours.

Alfalfa is a great supplement for chickens with many nutritional benefits. It is rich in fibre, protein and calcium with vitamins and trace elements. It helps to maintain a healthy digestive system and supplement the diet when chickens are unable to access grass.

How is it Made?

Our Peck A Brix is made in the UK from British alfalfa and  grains. The ingredients are pressed into a dense brick which is ideal for pecking and scratching.


Feeding Instructions:

Hook on the run, hang from string or feed from the ground. Feed as a treat. 


Each block is 1.25kg - Each bundle contains 4 Peck-A-Brix and a mini style haynet - The Haynet colour you receive will be random 


There is hemp packaging in the box which can be re-used in nest boxes

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