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Chicken Vet

Chicken Vet Worm Egg Test Kit

Chicken Vet Worm Egg Test Kit

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Worms and Coccidiosis are parasites which live in the hens' gut and reproduce, and in doing so can destroy the cells lining the gut wall, which then allows harmful bacteria to reproduce which can cause secondary bacterial diarrhoea, and in severe cases can cause blood poisoning.

Symptoms to look out for include weight loss and diarrhoea (especially in droppings containing blood), hunched, ruffled and generally "depressed" appearance, pale comb and wattle, anaemia and if you have a sudden death with one of your hens. If you have a worm or coccidiosis infection in your flock, all the hens are at risk as they pick up the eggs from faeces and bedding, and our ex-commercial hens which have been newly re homed are especially vulnerable during their first six weeks.

This is because they have not had the opportunity to build up their resistance to coccidiosis, especially hens from enriched cages which have lived on wire floors, as this separates the hens from their own droppings, so they've had zero exposure to build up any natural resistance. Good hygiene is the best prevention and regular cleaning and disinfection of the hen house, preferably using a DEFRA approved disinfectant such as Interkokask (which we also stock) as it will destroy any coccidia eggs in the hen house and minimise any risk.If you have experienced a sudden death of one of your hens, then this kit will be able to determine if you have worms or coccidiosis in your hens environment.

The kit contains gloves and packaging and instructions on how to take a faeces sample. You post the sample for testing for worms and coccidia infection and you or your vet will be contacted with the result. The price of the kit includes the cost of the laboratory fee, so it really is very simple. If the test comes back and indicates the presence of coccidiosis, your vet will be able to prescribe an anticoccidial agent. 

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