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Feathers & Beaky

Feathers & Beaky Fresh Nest Herbs

Feathers & Beaky Fresh Nest Herbs

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Feathers & Beaky Fresh Nest Herbs is a delightful mixture of eight natural herbs and flowers which have amazing health-boosting properties. As well as providing a wonderful smelling nest area, they will also help to calm & relax your hens naturally through aromatherapy. What’s more, the natural oils in several of these herbs & flowers will help to deter mice and pests such as lice, keeping your coop fresh and your chickens happy!

Botanical herbs and flowers have been used for many years to naturally treat ailments, and this mixture has been selected especially to boost the immune system and improve disease resistance amongst your flock.

Fresh Nest Herbs are 100% bio-degradable, free from artificial scent, colours or preservatives and are completely safe for chickens to eat and digest.

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