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AgriVite Flint Poultry Grit

AgriVite Flint Poultry Grit

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AgriVite Flint Poultry Grit is a fine grade of flint grit.

The Flint Grit is the non-soluble grit that stays in the birds’ crop to aid digestion. Grit is also necessary for preventing feather-pecking tendencies. A lack of grit in a chicken’s diet is a contributory factor to bad habits such as feather-pecking because they are trying to obtain the missing calcium.

With no teeth, hens need a helping hand when it comes to grinding down their food. This insoluble flint is perfect for breaking down food for digestion.

1.5kg tub.

AgriVite is a family business with over 30 years of experience in the poultry industry. They manufacture and distribute specialist nutritional supplements, vitamins, grits, herbal extracts and occupational therapy products for livestock - and especially poultry - all made from natural ingredients, sourced locally where possible.

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