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BHWT Insulated Drawstring Bag

BHWT Insulated Drawstring Bag

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Brand new to the BHWT, our very own drawstring insulated cool bags!

Insulated cool polyester Drawstring Bags manufactured from 210D polyester with durable black cord straps.

These drawstring cool bags are the perfect edition to your summer days out. They are super lightweight and the straps are easy to adjust. Whether you are taking a trip the beach and need to keep your sandwiches cool or you fancy a spot of hiking and need a place to keep your water, these bags are the one for you.

They have endless amounts of uses, if you need some ideas you could take yours to the theme park, camping or even swimming as they are water resistant. Or they are ideal for storing anything from shoes, toys and towels to stationery, make-up, drinks and so much more.

They really are suitable for anyone and everyone, from children to adults, the choice is totally up to you what you use yours for.

Dimensions (when empty): 42.5cm x 31.7cm x 1cm

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