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Chicken Vet

Chicken Vet Anti-Peck Spray

Chicken Vet Anti-Peck Spray

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This 250ml Anti-Peck Spray has been carefully formulated to modify the behaviour of aggressive chickens. Often there is one bird at the bottom of the pecking order and occasionally she can be bullied by the girls, especially when introducing new hens and the flock "pecking order" needs re-establishing.This behaviour can range from feather pecking to a more extreme bullying where the victim can suffer injuries.

This foul tasting product should be sprayed on the affected area of the victim, with the result that the formulation is so unpalatable that within a few days the aggressor stops harassing the victim. Continue using the product for the full 7 days to ensure the antisocial behaviour does not return.This is great product to have in your kit list, and is particularly recommended when introducing new birds, or when getting your first hens from us. Bullying in your birds can be really upsetting to watch, and this product will relieve the stress for both the birds and the keeper.

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