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Chicken Vet

Chicken Vet Beryl's Friendly Bacteria

Chicken Vet Beryl's Friendly Bacteria

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Beryl’s protects the gut from harmful bacteria.

Beryl’s Friendly Bacteria is presented as a live soluble powder which contains a complex range of bacteria derived from poultry. These are favourable bacteria which colonise the chicken’s gut thus protecting it against harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, E.Coli and Clostridium. Beryl’s is particularly useful at times of stress (e.g. travelling, showing, breeding), if your birds have diarrhoea, following an illness for supportive therapy and especially following antibiotics. Antibiotics destroy good and bad bacteria therefore Beryl’s is an excellent treatment to replenish favourable bacteria in the gut. Aged hens also benefit from Beryl’s every few months to keep them in good health.

1 pack treats up to 12 birds; overdosing is not going to harm your birds. Currently only available in a 12 bird pack due to changes with the manufacturing process.

Beryl’s has organic approval status with Organic Farmers and Growers and the Organic Food Federation.

Once the sachet is opened, all contents should be used immediately.

Beryl's Friendly Bacteria is a live product and needs refrigerating when not in transit.

Due to this item requiring refrigeration, it will not be dispatched on a Friday as if it is not delivered, it may remain with Royal Mail over the weekend. It will be shipped on the following Monday. Orders made after 10am on a Thursday will also be processed on the following Monday. 

We only deliver to the UK and orders are dispatched to arrive the next day. We cannot always guarantee that the order will arrive the next day. This item may require a signature on delivery, therefore, please make sure that there is someone available to receive the product at your delivery address. We are not able to replace this product if it is taken to the post office for re-delivery.

The British Hen Welfare Trust and Chicken Vet do not take responsibility for orders that are not delivered due to the addressee not being in to sign for the parcel.

The cost of this item includes the next day delivery postage fee. 

This product will require a signature upon delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Beryl’s Friendly Bacteria the same as a probiotic?

No, pro biotics are made from a single or small number of strains of bacteria and must be fed daily. Beryl’s Friendly Bacteria contains over 200 different friendly (non pathogenic) bacteria. Only complex cultures have been proved effective in their protective effect against harmful bacteria.

Is Beryl’s Friendly Bacteria compatible with other products e.g. garlic based products, water sanitisers/ disinfectants & antibiotics?

No, any product which has an antibacterial effect will harm Beryl’s Friendly Bacteria.

Terms & Conditions:

- Due to the storage conditions of this product it is non-refundable. 

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