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Chicken Vet

Chicken Vet BioVX

Chicken Vet BioVX

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Biodegradable and approved by Defra for use against Avian Influenza, this product is specifically designed to meet the demands of modern bio-security. BioVX is effective against bacteria, moulds, fungi and all viruses. It is safe to use and environmentally friendly, degrading to harmless components. It is highly cost effective due to its dilution rates and works equally well in hard and soft water, and is not affected by temperature. 

Use one scoop (30g) in 6 litres of water, or one teaspoon per litre of water. This is at the general purpose rate, which covers most eventualities one would encounter with poultry diseases.  One 1kg pack will therefore make 200 litres of disinfectant.

BioVX can also be used as a ground disinfectant. Water it onto the area of ground, then cover with a sheet/plastic or something to keep wild birds and the rain off until the chickens move. Do this a few days before the birds are to move onto it so the ground is free from strong odours/residue which they may eat.

Note: we advise wearing protective clothing when using this product.


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