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Eton Cottage Garden Trough Feeder

Eton Cottage Garden Trough Feeder

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These brightly painted galvanised chicken trough feeders will brighten up any day and are built to last.  They are perfect for a small flock up to 4 hens and give everyone plenty of room to feed.  

For the first few weeks in order to help your hens settle, it is useful to place down several feed and water points in order to ensure all birds get access and low ranking hens are not kept away by more dominant birds.  We highly recommend Smallholder Range Natural Free Range Layers Crumble.

Dimensions: 30cm long 

PLEASE NOTE: Please be aware not to use Apple Cider Vinegar with any galvanised drinkers as it can cause Zinc poisoning which can be life threatening for your hens.

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