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Chicken Vet

Chicken Vet Digesti-Health 2kg

Chicken Vet Digesti-Health 2kg

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We're really excited about introducing Digesti-Health, as this new product contains ingredients which are tried and tested in the commercial world - and our hard working farmers don't use a product unless it really works. It has been developed with the combined expertise of poultry vets and Alltech who have an International reputation for nutritional excellence and quality. This supplement is designed to help a bird that may have been stressed due to a recent move, going through a moult, been broody, or lost weight but most importantly it can be used on a daily basis as a general supplement to maintain your chicken in the best possible health. You may ask ‘If I already feed a pellet from a reputable feed mill and/or my bird is in overall good condition why do I need this? This product is made from all natural ingredients and there is no egg withdrawal so you are completely safe to continue eating any eggs laid whilst using this supplement.

Digesti-Health contains a natural carbohydrate that helps to maintain a normal gut flora and will actively help to reduce the adhesion of E coli and salmonella to the gut wall. Keeping these harmful pathogens at bay is extremely useful, especially if you have children involved in the day to day care of the birds.It also reduces the levels of mycotoxins present in the feed. Although mycotoxins are screened by most feed companies in an attempt to keep toxin levels under control, toxins are a natural inherent part of the feeding process. When feed is grown and again when it is stored fungi develop and produce toxins which can lead to a wide range of conditions from liver damage to poor hatchability and even death. The addition of a product to actively absorb a wide range of toxins gives that extra peace of mind when feed is stored or is possibly damp in a field environment.Digesti-health also contains organic minerals and organic selenium.

These products are required for a wide range of normal metabolism and antioxidant activity. It is the unique presentation of the mineral in Mother Nature’s form that allows for active uptake of the mineral and increased availability to the bird. In older birds where the passage of time has possibly damaged the intestine, the use of these organic minerals will help to ensure that the bird is able to absorb its requirements. This is a very useful addition to the diet of our ex-colony cage hens who will be starting their new life with you at the average age of 72 weeks. Finally there are Beta Glucans which is thought to have a boosting affect on the birds immunity. Again this is vital in older birds or any bird whose immune system has been depressed following ill health. We believe it to be a great product, as shown to us by the fact our vet uses it on her own birds! Add it to your hens' feed at the rate of one scoop per two birds, so it will last a long time for the average hen keeper.

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