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Eton 'MyCozyNest' - Plastic Laying Nest For Hens

Eton 'MyCozyNest' - Plastic Laying Nest For Hens

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The Eton MyCozyNest is made from high impact robust UV-resistant polypropylene plastic. The front curtain decreases light which helps encourage hens to lay. Designed for you to add a nesting material of your own choice. Well ventilated with additional side vents. Easy to fix to a wall with four screws and can be removed for easy washing down when required. The height of the edge and the shape of the laying nest ensure that the poultry cannot scrape the bedding out of the nest. The entrance of the nest is also equipped with a small step with a non-slip structure, so that the animals can easily enter the nest when wanting to lay their eggs. 

  • Dimensions - Length 52.5cm X Width 41.5cm X Height 50.5cm
  • Impact-resistant polypropylene
  • UV resistant
  • 4 wall mounting holes on the rear side
  • Rounded top prevents perching/roosting on top 
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