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Feldy Chicken Treat Seeded Pecker Block

Feldy Chicken Treat Seeded Pecker Block

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This 1kg pecker block is packed full of a carefully selected mix of delicious, nutritious seeds. To include layers pellets, kibbled peas, black sunflower, and red dhari with added vitamins and minerals. The seeds are combined with wheat, flour and refined white fat. No bulking ingredients, no fillers or artificial binders. All ingredients are sourced from UFAS and Red Tractor Assured Suppliers.

This block is not only the perfect boredom buster, but the delicious mix of seeds provides an excellent source of protein, oils and carbohydrates for healthy organs, muscles and tissues and will assist in the production of rich egg yolks.

Help to keep your chickens healthy and happy with this complimentary treat. Carefully remove the block from the tub as instructed and conveniently hang up at height to allow them to peck at and really enjoy this delicious block.

This is a high energy block that is designed to be fed as a treat. Feed accordingly, perfect alongside your chickens regular diet


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