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Feldy High Energy Hanging Pecker Block

Feldy High Energy Hanging Pecker Block

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One of our best selling treat blocks, the Feldy 1.25kg Pecker Blocks are now available in 3 new delicious flavours. Using the same nutritionally balanced formulation as our original Pecker Balls but also with the added benefits of garlic, seaweed or red berries.

The blend of 12 specially selected, readily digestible ingredients, which include a blend of tasty herbs and spices, contribute towards your hens daily requirement of essential nutrients. No binder, high in energy and calcium, great for boredom busting and any feather pecking issues, convenient to use. 

Simply remove from the tub and hang up conveniently for your chickens to enjoy.

No bulking ingredients, no palm oil….the perfect boredom busting treat for your chickens!!

We have found the Block to be pretty weatherproof but its up to customer as to whether its hung inside or out. 

Original/Plain- Carefully formulated with over 12 specially selected, natural ingredients, including an irresistible spice blend and aniseed attractant. Firm in nature and designed for maximum longevity in all weathers. 

Seaweed - Seaweed is a natural food supplement which helps to support yolk colour and egg and feather quality. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids and will help improve immunity to disease and absorption of nutrients.

Mixed Berries - The new mixed berries Pecker Treat Balls are a very attractive deep red in colour, known to be appealing to chickens. The extra berry flavour will encourage fussy eaters plus has the benefits of extra vitamins and minerals.

Garlic - The addition of garlic to the balls will support a chicken’s immune system, as well as help kill bad bacteria. Garlic also helps to deter parasites and will promote egg production and sustain underweight chickens.

Feed as part of your chickens regular diet and see an improvement in general condition, feathering and health.


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