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The Skinny Card Co.

Sarah Boddy Greeting Cards

Sarah Boddy Greeting Cards

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This selection of chicken greetings cards from the Skinny Card company are a must have for anyone who shares a passion for our feathered friends. These wonderful designs are created by Sarah who lives in a tiny village in Leicestershire with her husband and three kids, surrounded by her ever increasing menagerie of animals, including her hens. 

The 'Fowl and Wacky' range are a subject close to her heart. She loves chickens and finds her own small flock a huge inspiration……she says 'I think of them as moving sculpture, they are a major time waster, I could sit and watch them about their busy day (digging up my garden!) for hours, so I have tried to capture the essence of them in this range and hope that you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.'

Each card is 145 X145mm and includes an individual envelope. Each card is individually packaged.

Please note you will receive one card for the price of £2.60.

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