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Osprey Recycled Plastic Blenheim Outdoor Feeder

Osprey Recycled Plastic Blenheim Outdoor Feeder

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The Blenheim feeder is a durable mid-sized feeder ideally suited for the domestic and smallholder markets. It is suitable for most breeds of poultry as well as some smaller breeds of waterfowl. The design is perfectly suited to all types of feed including pellets, wheat, corn and mash, and the main feed tube is at a fixed height to control the flow of feed to the correct level. It comes with built-in anti-scratch fins, which will reduce feed waste and minimise feed contamination.

The simple twist and lock design allows for easy filling and cleaning of the feeder. Floor standing and can be raised 6cm off the ground with our standard conical feet. The rain hat slots over the top of the feeder tube providing protection from the elements and preventing birds from fowling the feed.

Made from 100% recycled plastic and manufactured in the UK, providing an environmentally friendly, low carbon feeder.

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