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BHWT Peckingham Palace Hen House

BHWT Peckingham Palace Hen House

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House and run
At the BHWT it won’t surprise you to know that we love half dozens and dozens. A suggested donation of £6 will save the life of one hen and of course £12 will save a little flock of two. It’s entirely your choice, and we’re grateful for your custom, thank you.
British Hen Welfare Trust
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Introducing the BHWT's first hen house - Peckingham Palace - available exclusively through the charity, and suitable for up to 5 hens. It has been designed to meet all of the needs of our special ex-bat hens, and is hand-made in rural Dorset from the very best Scandinavian Redwood with heavy duty galvanised, marine quality brass fittings.

We wanted our own house to be something special, and we believe that working with this family run British company means we can deliver a house which is ideal for your ex-commercial hens, and will give you many years of service in our British climate.

Charity founder, Jane Howorth, has worked with the team at Flytes so achieving unique design elements such as a hen-shaped window, in the style of the BHWT logo, and a solid brass name plaque which you can leave to weather naturally. Also, the Peckingham Palace includes features you won't find anywhere else so giving amazing benefits to your girls:

Comfort - the unique design allows you to shut ventilation down to a trickle, designed to help the more threadbare girls adjust when they first come out of the farm, and which can be opened back up as your hens re-feather.

Refuge - We also have some really innovative run options, which includes a "Refuge Run" which fits directly on the standard run options. When your hens first come out of the farm, it can take up to a few weeks for the new flock pecking order to sort itself out.  The Refuge Run option gives the hen at the bottom of the pecking order a place to get out of the way, and makes it easier to put down additional feeders and drinkers, which can't all be monopolised by the top hen. This ensures all your hens have access to food and drink.

Recuperation - We've also got a short, solid walkway to the pop hole which will encourage them to put themselves to bed each night. 

Simple cleaning - with external lift-off nest boxes, a large back door for easy access, and a removable dirt tray to make cleaning simple.

If you require a House with a run option, please select from the drop down menu. Available in either 6ft or 9ft versions, both runs allow the option of a "Sheltered end", which means the end of the run includes a section of wooden roofing which is a great place to hang feeders, keeping the food dry and giving the hens an area undercover during bad weather. In addition, and exclusively on the Peckingham Palace, you can add the 6ft Refuge Run. Simply select the correct option.  This highly flexible upgrade can be fitted at the end of the run as either left or right facing, or in the centre position, and provides a refuge which will significantly reduce the stress for your hens when you first home them, and will continue to provide additional, completely safe run accommodation once your flock is established.

Maximum external measurements of hen house (including nestboxes):135cm Wide x 100cm Deep x 114cm High.


The cost of delivery is included in the final price - to mainland UK, Wales and lowland Scotland but excludes delivery to Scottish Highlands and Islands, Isle of Wight, Isles of Scilly, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man.  Please note, delivery may take up to a maximum of six weeks from receipt of your order.

However, we are able to deliver to Scottish Highlands and Islands, Isle of Wight, Isles of Scilly, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man, so please contact us on 01884 860084 to discuss delivery.  

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