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Sewn Up Creations Shop Unfilled Chicken Doorstop

Sewn Up Creations Shop Unfilled Chicken Doorstop

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This wonderful chicken fabric doorstop is made by the lovely Gen who runs Sewn Up Creations Shop. Gen, purely out of necessity for her own home and after receiving so many wonderful comments and requests to make them for her friends and family decided to set up shop and these delightful doorstops were released to the world.

Pop these against the skirting board or hang from a door handle to save your walls from knocks, against a door to prevent slamming, to keep a door open a crack for those who don't like to sleep with the door completely shut or even use as a bookend, pattern weight or paperweight!

They are unfilled, have a small handle, box base design and hook & loop Velcro Fastening. Simply fill with rice, gravel, cat litter, dried pulses etc. We would suggest using a small plastic bag/food bag as lining to prevent mess, this will also help with filling and emptying. Just pop the bag in first and then fill over a large bowl or sink. Machine washable (right sides out) on 30-40 degrees, shape whilst wet, dry flat and iron. 

Excluding handle and when completely filled with rice, or an alternative, measurements are as follows:

1.8kg+ = H22cm x W16cm x D12cm

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