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Little Feed Co

The Little Feed Co Britain’s Best Hemp Seed Meal

The Little Feed Co Britain’s Best Hemp Seed Meal

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The Little Feed Company's Britain’s Best Hemp Seed Meal - For Chickens, Dogs & Horses

One of nature’s super foods. Our British grown Hemp seed meal is a fantastic addition for all animals

Key points:

  • 100% British
  • An excellent source of protein and oil
  • Rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9
  • Contains all the essential amino acids
  • Suitable for all animals for condition, health and bloom
  • Highly palatable
  • Contains approximately 35% oil, 29% protein and 13% fibre

 What is it?

Our Britain’s Best Hemp Seed Meal is an excellent nutritional supplement for all animals. We’ve spent 5 years searching for a British grown hemp meal which meets our exacting requirements for both nutritional content and affordability as an animal feed. Hemp is a very unique plant as it provides all the essential amino acids and is therefore considered a ‘complete protein’. It also provides the perfect balance of omega 3:6 oils and includes GLA and SDA which are more commonly found in fish oils, not plants. Our Britain’s Best Hemp Seed Meal contains parts of the whole hemp seed with 35% oil, 29% protein and 13% fibre.

What is it for?

British Hemp Seed Meal – Hemp is rich in highly digestible protein and omega oils, and provides all the essential amino acids. 

For Chickens: Protein is important for egg production, body condition and feather growth. Research has also shown that chickens fed omega 3 from hemp, will have more omega 3 in their eggs, so we benefit from it too! It is highly palatable and a great way of adding interest to ‘boring’ feeds like layers pellets, or to add to basic mixed corn products to boost nutritional value.

For Horses: Feed hemp to horses to maintain condition, performance, coat shine, hoof quality and joint health, all whilst maintaining a calm temperament. With all the essential amino acids and high levels of Omega 3 and 6 it is great for maintaining top line and muscle condition. (Please Note: Hemp is not suitable for horses competing under FEI or Jockey Club rules due to the risk of banned substances which may be detected in a blood test.)

For Dogs: Dogs love the taste of hemp meal and it can be added as a supplement to their usual food. Hemp is great for maintaining healthy skin, supporting skin prone to allergies and may even reduce coat shedding. It is also believed to reduce stress and anxiety and the omega oils help to support healthy joints.

How is it Made?

Our hemp meal is grown and produced in the north of England.  It is a bi-product from producing hemp hearts for the human food industry, and includes all the parts of whole hemp seeds.  As well as the husk from the outside of the hemp seed, all the ‘wonky’ hemp hearts that aren’t the perfect size and shape for the human product end up back in this mix, hence why it offers such a high nutritional specification.  This means that our Britain’s Best Hemp Seed Meal is providing all the fibre, protein and oil from every part of the hemp seed. More common in animal feed is ‘hemp expeller’ which is the part left after the oil has been pressed out. This is high in protein, but very low in oil so doesn’t match the high specification of our product.


Feeding Instructions: A 60ml scoop contains approximately 25g

Chickens: Feed 10 – 20g per kilo of feed (2 - 3 tablespoons per kilo of feed)

Dogs: Feed 5 – 10g per day, depending on size.

Horses: feed 50 – 100g per day



Available in a 1.2kg Bag 

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