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Little Feed Co

The Little Feed Co Revitamin Plus

The Little Feed Co Revitamin Plus

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Revitamin Plus - Happy Healthy Hens

For all poultry and chicks from a day old.  A concentrated, high spec, vitamin tonic for chickens and poultry. Ensures a good start for your birds, supports recovery after stress and maintains optimum health.

Key points:

  • Vitamin tonic for chickens and poultry
  • Highly concentrated – add just 1ml per litre of water
  • Palatable aniseed flavor
  • High levels of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids
  • Added nucleotides for disease resistance and gut health

What is it?

Revitamin Plus is a liquid vitamin, trace element and amino acid supplement for all poultry.  It offers a very high specification including added nucleotides for optimal health. Revitamin Plus must be diluted in drinking water before use.

What is it for?

Revitamin Plus gives chickens and poultry a nutritional boost to support them when their bodies’ are working hard. It can be used as a general health tonic during the laying season, or during times of stress such as red mite infestation, illness, rehoming, moulting, after travelling and during ‘flockdown’.  To ensure chicks have the best start after hatching, feed for the first 5 days. If you are looking for a vitamin tonic for chickens Revitamin Plus offers everything you need.

How is it Made?

Revitamin Plus is made in the UK to a very high specification. It provides 27 nutrients essential for maintaining optimum health, including nucleotides. Nucleotides are structural components of RNA and DNA and often found in health supplements for athletes and in baby milk powders.  Nucleotides have been shown to support the immune system, disease resistance and also gut health. In commercial poultry settings, nucleotides support growth rate and immune function by improving the overall health and resistance of the birds.

They are considered to be ‘conditionally essential nutrients’ which means that under certain conditions (such as stress, disease etc) they become an essential dietary additive as the body is not able to produce enough to meet demand by itself. 


Feeding Instructions. A vitamin tonic for chickens and all poultry.

Dilute with water before use.

Always add 1ml per litre of water.

Chicks: Feed daily from 1 – 5 days old

After rehoming – Feed for the first 3 – 5 days

During times of stress (moulting, mite or lice infestation, peak laying  etc) – Add to water for  2 days every week

Following medication or worming – feed daily for 3 days.

For maintenance – Add to water 1 day a week.

Once diluted, Revitamin Plus should be used within 24 hours.

We recommend having additional fresh drinking water available at all times.



Comes with a syringe 

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