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Little Feed Co

The Little Feed Co Hemp Seed Oil

The Little Feed Co Hemp Seed Oil

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The Little Feed Company Pure Devon Hemp Seed Oil

Sustainable, environmentally friendly and nutritious. Demand for hemp oil is growing rapidly for its anti-inflammatory Omega 3 and unique GLA to protect joints.

The Hemp Seeds are nearly 50% oil, of which 75% are essential fatty acids. Hemp contains the perfect balance of Omega 3:6, and contains the highly sort after Omega 6 GLA (gamma-linoleic acid) and Omega 3 SDA (stearidonic acid) which are not found in the more common plant oils, such as linseed.

What is it for?

Our Hemp Seed Oil can be fed to improve skin and feather condition, support joints, growth, immunity, fertility and brain development. As a natural source of GLA, Hemp oil also benefits the body by inhibiting the production of leukotrienes. (leukotrienes are associated with inflammatory reactions, allergies & respiratory conditions)

Research has shown that feeding Hemp oil to chickens can increase the Omega 3 content of their eggs, making a healthier meal for us too!

How is it Made?

Pure Devon Hemp Seed Oil is made in the UK from British grown hemp. It is manufactured by cold pressing, in a unique way to extract the best quality oil from the hemp seeds. It is not chemically treated or refined in any way.

Feeding Instructions...

Chickens – Add 10ml per Kilo of food. Can be mixed with pellets, crumb or seed / corn based treats.

1 Litre Bottle

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