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Red Gorilla Recycled Shallow Tub

Red Gorilla Recycled Shallow Tub

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A staple in every home, garden or coop! 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. These weather-resistant sturdy tubs are built to last and can be used for everything.

The uses are endless, however we would recommend using one our Red Gorilla tubs as a dust bath for your hens, simply fill with diatomaceous earth, sand, cooled wood ash, soil, etc. Your hens will be sunbathing in it all summer!

Or in the winter months our Red Gorilla tubs work well as a foot/boot dip to keep your coop and run as bio-secure as possible and free from any potential diseases such as Avian Influenza. Simply fill with your chosen DEFRA approved disinfectant against AI and water solution, step in and clean your boots or shoes before entering your flocks coop/run, we would suggest you repeat this process on the way out too. Please keep the disinfectant and water solution as fresh as possible by replacing the liquid solution often. 

Red Gorilla Tub Capacity: 15 litres OR 35 litres 

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